More Training. More Tools. Money Money. Broker Training from FactorCareers and The Miller Firms.

About, from The Miller firms, is a leading provider of factoring business broker training programs. Our platform empowers individuals to learn the skills necessary to become successful factoring brokers. 

With our comprehensive curriculum and expert guidance, you will gain the knowledge and confidence needed to succeed in this competitive industry. Join our program today and start your journey towards a rewarding career as a factoring business broker in as little as 1 week.

The training covers:

  • What it means to be a factoring broker
  • How to do the job, and do it right
  • How to structure your fees for maximum payout
  • How to negotiate with prospects, and with lenders
  • and so much more!

Module 1 includes:

  • Module 1 Video
    • What is a Broker
    • How to Get Paid As a Broker
    • How to Access Other People’s Money to make your Deals

Module 2 Includes:

  • Module 2 Video 1
  • Module 2 Video 2
    • The Magical World of Funding Partners

Module 3 Includes:

  • Module 3 Video
    • Negotiating Contracts
    • Getting Signed with Partners
    • Building Relationships with BDOs
    • Interview Transcript with a Partner

Module 4 Includes:

  • Module 4 Video
    • Meeting Clients
    • Closing Clients
    • Organizing Your Deals
    • Knowing Your Worth
    • Determining How to Set Fees

Additional Classroom Sessions Available to Basics Course and Masters Course Students.

Basic Course Students have access to 5 additional (self-paced) classes + Access for questions via email

Masters Course Students have access to 4 more additional (self-paced) classes + Access for questions via email, text, and phone.

Bonus 1 & 2 – Chris’ Super-Secret Formula for getting paid from BOTH sides of the table. – Chris’ Hush-Hush resources for 100% Totally FREE Broker Coaching for LIFE!

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